Hand knited items from the fleece of our Alpacas

We take great pride in the fact that our alpaca fleece is hand processed. From shearing it is carefully hand washed using no chemicals. From there it is hand combed and hand carded to produce the best possible spinable fibre.

Alpaca is a wonderful fibre, unique in its own right. Pure alpaca is 30% warmer than wool and the some of the fibre is similar to hair in appearance and behaviour. Alpaca is also non allergenic. For people with chemical allergies this preparation method reduces the risk of contamination that can occur in a mill.

Our goal is to produce yarn and garments that can be worn time after time. To this end, most of our alpaca fleece is blended with the softest merino wool, which adds the memory alpaca can lack, and reduces the chance that the garment might be too warm. The yarn is also tightly spun, to reduce the chances of pilling.

Alpaca and wool garments need to be hand washed and dried flat. However, since both wool and alpaca do not retain dirt, it is not necessary to launder them frequently.

Natural colors : brown, beige and white

To order : info@alpagaillimite.ca

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Hand knited cap from the fleece of our Alpacas Cap


Hand knited cap from the fleece of our Alpacas Cap with ear protection



Hand knited head band from the fleece of our Alpacas Head band



Scarf Scarf

$120.00  72" length
Fingerless gloves not included.

Hand knited socks from the fleece of our Alpacas Socks



Fingerless gloves Fingerless gloves

Long (as shown) : $39.95

short : $34.95



$32.00   10"



$20.00   10"

$32.00   15"

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